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5 Benefits of using green tea-infused products

5 Benefits of using green tea-infused products - Deep Roots Natural

Essential elements for skincare must be natural and pure. In contemporary times where chemically infused cosmetics have seized the spotlight, it can be very difficult to choose the perfect product for your skin. You can choose from a variety of skin care products from Deep Roots Natural which is based on Unani medicine and created entirely from organic substances.

Your skin becomes healthy, beautiful, and bright when you utilize natural goods as opposed to chemical-infused products, which may offer short-term benefits but are ultimately highly bad for your skin and general health.

We all recommend drinking green tea for good health and beauty as it has marvelous qualities in it. Your skin can be repaired and improved in a healthy way with the help of a line of Green tea-infused skincare products from Deep Roots Naturals, India's first Unani skincare company. Bestseller Green tea-infused items from DEEP ROOTS NATURALS are -

  1. Green Tea with Mint Masque
  2. Green Tea Facial Mist
  3. Green Tea with Mint Scrub

DEEP ROOTS has chosen green tea as a base product to give you skin that is flawless because there are tremendous benefits of it -

  1. Prevents aging -

Green contains vitamin B & E in large quantities which help your skin from aging early. Vitamin B helps collagen to be formed which keeps the skin young and healthy providing a firmer texture. It has a special substance called - Epigallocatechin Gallate, or EGCG, which is an antioxidant that activates cell production, preventing the skin cells from dying and ultimately rejuvenating them. Additionally, when you use green-tea-infused Unani products from DEEP ROOTS NATURALS, you will notice that your fine lines and wrinkles are less visible and you will get beautiful-plump skin. Try all-new Green Tea with Mint Masque - the best range of online skin care products from DEEP ROOTS NATURAL.

 2. Hydrates and provides Moisture -

The presence of vitamin E in green tea extracts helps hydrate the skin deeply and makes way for other skincare products to get absorbed easily. Hydration also removes excess oil from your skin as it contains a substance called Tannis and leaves the required amount intact to maintain the natural moisture. It provides hydration to skin cells along with cleaning the pores.

Hydrate your skin with DEEP ROOTS NATURAL’s Green tea facial mist, the best online skin care product. Spray it all over your face from a distance to lock in moisture. 

 3. Brightens and adds glow --

Green tea-infused products help brighten your dull skin, making it look energized and rejuvenated. Stress, workload, and environmental factors are the major reasons why most people notice a certain dullness in their skin. When the caffeine and tannins of green tea products interact with your skin, it cleanses the pores and brightens the skin cells ultimately giving a real glow. Along with brightness, it helps decrease inflammation and puffiness.

Green Tea with Mint Scrub from DEEP ROOTS - the best online skin care product exfoliates with the goodness of green tea and provides you a bright and beautiful skin. 

 4. Removes Acne and Acne marks –

The Unani Green-tea-infused products by DEEP ROOTS NATURALS have proven that it removes acne and acne marks from their origins and also prevents breakouts. Acnes are the results of bacterial growth in certain areas of the skin. Green tea has a powerful anti-bacterial agent - polyphenols (micronutrients - phytochemicals which deter damage from oxidation) which eliminate the bacteria buildup and other foreign material from the skin surface and shield the skin from catching harmful material. Apply the green tea-infused masque from DEEP ROOTS to get subtle, acne-free skin.

 5. Evens Skin Tone - fights DNA damage and UV rays

Often it has been noticed that many people suffer from color patches or discoloration issues such as pigmentation, green tea is effective in tackling such toning issues. As we all know green tea is a superb toner and evens the skin tone taking a very less amount of time in doing so if applied regularly. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays and fights DNA damage-causing substances in the environment.    

Green tea is full of benefits and does not cause any harm to skin unless someone is allergic or has some medical condition, otherwise, it's the easiest-approachable naturally occurring ingredient that can be used on the skin to treat underlying skin issues. It suits all skin types whether your skin is dry, dehydrated, oily, or acne-prone. Unani skincare Products from DEEP ROOTS NATURALS are the best choice for people searching for quality products that are natural and easy to use. Order now and get 15% off on your first order, use code UNANI15.

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