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A Unani Guide To Natural Skin Care: Treatments and Products for your skin

A Unani Guide To Natural Skin Care: Treatments and Products for your skin

Natural skin care items are a beauty secret for all who want to get glowing and bright skin without using any chemical-infused product and this is when Unani comes to play. Unani is an absolute one-stop natural solution for all skin problems of all skin types.

Unani is that branch of medicine that has the capacity to reform and revolutionize the concept of modern skin care and skin solutions. It is based on natural ingredients and preserving methods passed from generation to generation. Unani is a form of healing that does not include any chemicals or toxins that can affect healing and treatment. It's a cure that today’s modern society needs and has the potential to do so.

Unani methods of skin care believe in the age-old traditional ingredients that can heal skin internally. The following are ingredients that are majorly used in Unani skin care products -

  • Rice
  • Oranges
  • Aloe Vera
  • Coffee
  • Strawberry
  • Neem
  • Chia seeds
  • Licorice

There are many naturally available ingredients that are Unani secret to better and healthy skin. One of the famous Unani brands in India is Deep Roots Natural, which has the best online skin care products for all skin types: oily, combination, dry, or pigmented.  

The products from Deep Roots are 100% natural and plant-based, made from processes like steam distillation (a method of producing products that help keep the aroma and natural substances intact). 

Deep Roots Selection of Products includes -

Scrubs - Deep Roots brings you an authentically made and handpicked selection of Scrubs -

  • Coffee with Raw Sugar scrub -

Coffee and raw sugar when infused together in a scrub provide excellent results when you apply them to your skin. Coffee contains tannins and caffeine that lighten skin surface, help brighten skin tone, decrease pigmentation, and make the overall skin clean, improving texture.

  • Pounded rice with rose scrub -

Rice is a super ingredient that cleanses the skin inside out and healthify your skin. It has amazing exfoliating properties which deeply remove dead skin and dirt from your skin. Rose adds a glow and provides pinkish brightness along with toning the skin.

  • Orange with licorice Scrub -

Orange cuts off dead skin and removes excess oils from your skin making it look healthy, bright, and glowing whereas, at the same time, Licorice helps and fights against skin damage, aging, sun damage, etc. The products from Deep roots are an excellent choice for all people who have issues with skin and are troubled about finding the best skin care products.


100% natural is what we call a product and Deep Roots Natural’s Mist is a one-stop solution for hydration, cleansing, and glowing skin.

  • Aloe Vera and Cucumber -

The perfect blend of Aloe vera and Cucumber from Deep Roots provides instant hydration and internal restoration of face moisture. Spraying it with your daily skincare routine can make your skin wonderful in appearance and adds a superb glow to it.   

  • Green Tea Facial Mist -

Unani’s wonderful ingredient Green Tea is a must-have skin care product that immensely benefits the entire skin along with providing an instant soothing effect.

  • Rose Water Mist -

One of the best selling products from Deep Roots is the Rose water mist which has real rose and goodness of minerals that can heal and tone your skin up. Try all new Unani Rose mist - the best online skin care product by Deep Roots.


  • Strawberry with chia seeds face masque -

Strawberries are hydrating ingredients that naturally heal the skin from the inside out. It helps people with dry skin and restores moisture and locks it for longer hours. The extracts used in deep Roots strawberry with chia Seeds are 100% and come directly from the selected farms.

  • Ubtan With turmeric face Masque -

Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties that kill any foreign element that harms the skin and protects the skin from any matters that can take away the naturalness of the skin. Turmeric when infused with antioxidants such as neem can provide very good results and reduces acne, acne marks, and fine lines.

  • Green tea with Mint Face Masque -

The properties of green tea make it a great skincare product for getting flawless and plump skin every day. Apply the masque for 20 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water, do this once or twice a week to maintain the natural beauty and lock in the beautiful skin.


Aloe Vera Gel 

Ultimately comes the product that is must-have skincare essential in everybody's skin care regimen which is the Deep Roots Aloe vera Gel. the best online skin care product for all skin types. It goes well with makeup or your daily skincare routine which provides sufficient hydration, maintains naturalness, and adds moisture.

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