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How face mists can help your skin glow

How face mists can help your skin glow - Deep Roots Natural

It is not easy for your skin to maintain its glow and keep itself hydrated every time you are out or even naturally, it needs external hydration. Hydration is essential as it rejuvenates your skin from the inside as well as outside. The cells need external hydration and this is when the role of face mist comes in especially in summers.

So what is a face mist and how can it help your skin to glow? Let’s start with defining the face mist.

Face mists are hydration and soothing sprays made with ingredients like essential oils, rose water, glycerin, aloe vera, cucumber extracts, etc that locks the hydration, keeps the skin moisturised and adds an instant glow. They also have the properties of serums and cleansers and come in a spray bottle or atomizer. Mists can be used as a finishing touch to your skincare routine, as well as to dissolve other cosmetics. These are not toner or makeup setters but some mists may have their properties.

Talking about how it adds glow to your skin you must first know what it does to your skin and what are its benefits -

  1. Provides hydration and moisture - When you're working all day, you don't have much time to clean your face and then apply moisturisers. In these cases, a face mist can be helpful; simply spray it all over your face and neck for instant hydrations.  
  2. Soothes and refreshes - Face Mists when applied relieve and relax the skin cells and make it cooler. It calms and brings down the excess heat generated by your skin along with uplifting your mood. 
  3. Tones the skin - If your mist contains rose water, it will help in toning and removing tan from your face, bringing out your original clear skin. Try the all-new Rosewater Facial Mist - the best online skin care product by Deep Roots Natural. 
  4. Help better absorption of other skincare products -  Facial Mists can be useful in making the absorption and assimilation of other skincare products easily. Even while doing makeup you can use it as a makeup setter and add more glow to your makeup look.   
  5. Control Excess oil and acne breakouts -  Mists are very beneficial for people who have oily skin and suffer from acne breakouts. Deep Roots Natural’s Aloe vera and Cucumber Face Mist can clean your pores and removes extra oil buildup making your skin acne-free and oil-free. 

Face mists can give your skin an instant glow, making it look brighter and more youthful. The components in face mist assist your skin in cleansing itself and removing all impurities, as well as locking in moisture and improving the texture of your skin's surface. The aromatherapy associated with mists helps you feel good and improves your mood, resulting in a feeling of well-being and a glow on the inside and out.      

Mists can make your skin look beautiful and glowing by hydrating, moisturising, cleansing, and toning it all at the same time. Because mists are fluid, they act and absorb faster than any other skin care product. Face mists are also employed to combat dullness, when your dull skin receives the nourishment of the natural ingredients, it becomes brighter and glows eventually. 

We at Deep Roots Natural bring you the best online skin care products with 100% natural and unani ingredients, which is formulated with the process of Steam Distillation, and by this process of extraction, the aromatic molecules are released from the ingredients which prevent the nutrients and minerals from degradation and hence maintains the pureness of the products. It also has therapeutic benefits which calms your mind and body. Our wide collection of soothing facial Mists for all skin types includes -

  1. Orange Peel Facial Mist - for Pigmented skin we have crafted this amazing facial mist with citrusy orange peel which lightens up your pigmented skin and evens the skin tone. Buy the best skin care product online at
  2. Strawberry Facial Mist - Hand-picked strawberries blended in, to revive your skin and hydrate your dehydrated pores. Our all-natural hydrating mist works softly on pores while balancing the skin's pH. Steam distillation, which assures high purity requirements, gives it a lovely aroma.
  3. Green Tea Facial Mist - Green tea is a great antioxidant available naturally and Deep Roots Natural provides you with the best green tea extract-based skincare product online to help you get rid of all types of acne and acne scars.
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