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Perfect your Skincare Regimen with the goodness of Deep Roots Natural

Perfect your Skincare Regimen with the goodness of Deep Roots Natural - Deep Roots Natural

Everyone wants soft and supple skin without the hassle of a skincare routine. But finding a perfect skincare product that suits your skin type, is chemical-free, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket is a herculean task.

Discovering a truly natural skincare solution is more difficult than it should be. But don’t lose hope because Deep Roots Natural brings you the best of both worlds, natural ingredients with an Unani system of medicines for your modern skincare needs.

Unani traditional medicine, originating from Greece and one of the oldest forms of healthcare, was introduced in India by the Arabs. A huge part of Unani medicine is dedicated to cosmeceutical formulations that treat cosmetic disorders and care for appearance.



The Unani system works on four humours (akhlat): blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. If all these humours are in perfect harmony, a person radiates glowing beauty. But the presence of toxic materials inside our body gives skin issues and other problems. Unani believed that the balance ratio of humours influences the tahsir or temperament of the person’s body.

 Unani is a system of evidence-based medicine enriched with several single drugs and compound cosmetic formulations used for centuries to improve the skin, eyes, hair, and nails. These cosmeceuticals were meant for complete beautification.

Deep Roots Natural has perfected the study of humours present in one’s body and how it compliments or ails them. Deep Roots offers a wide range of natural vegan skincare products.

From natural masks to refreshing mists, each product is an epitome of nature and all its goodness and is customized to suit your particular temperament or tahsir.

If your body’s tahsir is warm you may suffer from acne and whiteheads. In order to fix this Deep roots Naturals’ customized natural skincare products, are designed to cool down the body’s core and leave your skin looking healthy and radiant.

To understand this concept better Deep Roots Natural’s Coffee scrub is a great example. Coffee, as we all know, has a ‘heaty property’/ ‘warm nature’ meaning it causes a heavy feeling, acidity and heat in the body. Whereas sugar has a much cooler temperament. The blend of coffee and raw sugar balance each other out and provides an antioxidant boost leaving the skin soft, supple, and radiant. Raw sugar also gently sloughs away flaky skin while sandalwood removes the dullness of the skin. Walnut shell offers a gentle, but effective exfoliation in the perfect consistency.


Behind every product, there is an idea that has been developed with years of research by experts who have been studying Unani’s tahsir concept and its wonderful benefits for years. Deep Roots aims to help you identify which tahsir ails your skin and the ingredients that compliment your skin type and body. You shall find the description of each ingredient used in every product and how it will benefit you.

The variety of skincare products at Deep Roots keeps you away from all chemical-filled cosmetics while helping you choose a product based on the list of ingredients your skin requires.

Apart from providing the best form of a skincare-built blend of exotic natural ingredients, Deep Roots is also extremely affordable for everyone who is looking for natural alternatives. 

These amazing products will make taking care of your skin easy and fun. Incorporate them into your daily skincare routine and elevate your skin health and beauty. All Deep Roots products are available just a click away on So hop onto the website and find the perfect skincare solution for yourself

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