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Pounded Rice - A great ingredient for healthy and glowing skin

Pounded Rice - A great ingredient for healthy and glowing skin - Deep Roots Natural

Using good products provides awesome results and pounded rice counts as one of the best skin care ingredients that products can have to provide skin that is healthy, glowing, and flawless. Pounded rice is an Unani secret and one of the most popular-essential ingredients of the Japanese and Korean skin care treatments. 

So what actually is pounded rice?

Well, pounded rice is rice processed with the help of traditional methods that majorly use human efforts and no machines are involved. It is usually a technique of grinding the rice between a stone grinder or a stone mixer. Doing so makes the rice more effective and maintains the nutrients without losing its qualities. Pounded rice when consumed or utilized in skin care provides amazing results because it contains beneficial substances and elements.

Since ancient times, Rice has been an essential ingredient in skincare and other rituals because of its qualities and presence of miraculous substances.

Skin care products that comprise Pounded Rice have some of the following benefits -

  1. Removes dullness -

Rice contains minerals and nutrients that can rejuvenate skin cells and eliminate dullness-causing substances to make skin brighter and glowing. Being an integral part of the Korean skin care regimen, pounded rice lightens the complexion of darker areas of the skin. It also improves the texture of the skin making it smoother and spot-free.

Regular usage of Deep roots - Pounded Rice Masque and scrub will nourish effects that will surprise you. 

  1. Prevents skin aging -

Today, the workload, stress, pollution, and heat are significant contributors to the aging process of humans. Due to the presence of a high amount of antioxidants, pounded rice repairs aging skin cells and increases their life span. It helps with premature aging too because elastase’s activity is regulated. It calms the skin down erasing the minute fine lines and wrinkles providing a tightening effect. Amino acids which are tiny globules of protein slow down the aging process.

  1. Heals blemishes

Blemishes are majorly caused by sun exposure, medications, and clogged pores. To deal with these, pounded rice is a perfect solution. As stated above, it affects the skin so, the natural elements such as proteins, triglycerides, phytic acid, lipids, and starch present in rice lighten and heal the blemishes.  Additionally, it helps in reducing inflammation and itching too. It adds a barrier to the epidermis that prevents the skin from harmful sun damage, UV rays, pollution, and dust. 

  1. Removes excess oil

Oily skin can bed troublesome. Rice is amazing for absorbing excess oil because of its starchy consistency. It tightens the pore opening which helps in regulating the production of sebum inside skin pores. When you use Pounded Rice with Rose face masque from Deep roots natural product, its astringent effects pull out excess oil and prevent acne breakout and lightening pimples providing you a flawless, oil-free skin. Try all new - the best online skin care product - Pounded Rice with Rose scrub to get rid of oily skin.

  1. Exfoliates deeply

Use the best skin care product online - Pounded Rice with Rose scrub from DEEPROOTSNATURAL, which deeply exfoliates your skin because it has tiny granules of crushed rice making it the best natural scrub. Small particles when gently massaged over the skin surface remove all dirt, dust, and external particles and make your skin clear, and paves way for other products to absorb ultimately providing healthy skin. 

Pounded Rice with Rose scrub and masque by DEEPROOTSNATURAL is an excellent solution that maintains the healthiness of the skin intact. The Unani process of steam distillation and hand pounding of rice grains facilitates new cell growth and hydration in the skin.

DEEPROOTSNATURAL believes in Unani since 1928 and now it carries a goal to provide skincare solutions to all in a natural way with CARE. The brand believes that Unani is the solution that is of utmost nature and the authentic formulas will definitely create a shift to healthy from chemical products. All deep roots products are manufactured by pioneer in Unani industry Dehlvi Naturals, which have a range of Unani medicines.

Compliment the Pounded Rice Product by providing extra hydration with Deep Roots Natural’s Rose Water mist. Spray it over your skin and see the difference it creates. Grab your Pounded Rice with Rose Combo kit now at just 1499/- and get 15% off on your first order. Apply coupon UNANI15.

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