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This is why you should use face Masque

This is why you should use face Masque - Deep Roots Natural

For everyone, a face masque is a must-have skin care product. It is one of the best, most effective, and simple to use skin care products available, with numerous advantages. Using a face masque once or twice a week can make a significant difference in your skin's quality, texture, and appearance. Face masques are relaxing and make you feel good about your body and skin, so they can be therapeutic as well.

Reasons why you must use a face masque -

1.Helps in skin cleansing and prevents acne buildup -

Pollution, stress, and eating habits all have an affect on your skin, making it appear unclean, dull, and prone to acne. Oil and dead skin cells build up over time and must be eliminated. Face masque can help to eliminate all dirt and pollution particles from your skin, leaving it clean and fresh. It cleanses your skin from the inside out and removes any foreign matter from your pores. Here’s the best online skincare product from Deep Roots Natural for cleansing and preventing acne buildup - 

    • Green tea with Mint Masque - With 100% natural green tea extracts from the hills of Assam and mint leaves, this masque helps in cleaning the dirt and oils from your skin and make it radiant and bright. The key ingredients this masque contains - Green tea, Mint, Aloe Vera, Basil and Multani Mitti.


Dehydrated skin can lead to tightening, wrinkles and visibility of fine lines which makes skin look aged before time. Masques are very effective when it comes to hydrating the skin. They have the capacity to retain and lock the moisture of the skin and can keep it hydrated for long hours. Try Skin Care product online by Deep Roots Natural’s all new -

  • Strawberry With Chia Seeds Face Masque - made from 100 percent natural seeds and oils to make your skin hydrated. The Masque is Unani tested and is very gentle on all skin types. Key ingredients include - Strawberry Extracts, Tukham' Balanga-Chia seed, Sandal -Sandalwood, Gulab-Rose extracts and Multani Mitti.

 3.Reduces pigmentation -

Pigmentation is a very common skin problem but is very troublesome if it stays or appears longer than usual. Applying Masques can significantly reduce pigmentation and make your skin look even and natural. Pigmentation is often a major result of hormonal changes in the body. We at Deep Roots Natural, bring you the best online skincare products to reduce the pigmentation of your skin.

  • Coffee Bean with Raw Sugar Masque - Coffee is a very known natural treatment for pigmented skin, caffeine revitalises the pigmented area and makes it even toned. Key ingredients include - Khaand-Raw sugar, Multani Mitti, Sandal - Sandalwood, Coffee beans and Aqua. 
  • Orange with Licorice Masque - Reduce pigmentation with our 100% natural and unani tested online skincare product. Licorice is a natural ingredient that has been used for centuries to treat pigmented skin and the presence of vitamin C in orange helps lighten the affected area. Key Ingredients this masque contains are- Santra - Orange, Mulethi - liquorice, Sandal - Sandalwood, Badam - Almond, Manjishtha - Indian madder and Multani Mitti.

 4.Reduces and Absorbs Excess oils -

Excess oils in the skin are caused due to the overproduction of sebum. It can accumulate dirt and dead skin cells and can lead to pimples and acne. It also reduces the amount of sebum in the skin. Recommended face masque from Deep Root’s natural - the best online skin care products are -

  • Ubtan with Turmeric Face Masque - With 100% natural ingredients, like turmeric and saffron the Ubtan face pack absorbs extra oils from your skin, making it clear, supple and fresh. Key Ingredients contain - Haldi or turmeric, Badam or Almond oil, Tulsi also called Basil, Sandal (Safed) White Sandalwood, Neem, Multani Mitti, Zafraan- Saffron.
  • Pounded Rice with Rose Masque - Rice can help in renewing the pores and absorbing excess oils from the skin. Also, Multani Mitti is an absolute ingredient to get away with oily skin. Key Ingredients include - Rice, Sandalwood, Cucumber, Roses and Multani Mitti.      


There are several other factors as well for why you should use face Masque and Deep Roots Natural brings you the best skin care products online including face masques for all skin types.  


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