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What is the effectiveness of Unani medicine in Skincare?

What is the effectiveness of Unani medicine in Skincare? - Deep Roots Natural

Clean and healthy skin is something we all strive for. There are a lot of products that promise to be effective and seem to be promising in their ads. But how many of them provide results and prove to be genuine?

History of Unani System

Humans have been treating and taking care of their skin since ancient time. An archaeological discovery of cosmetic usage in ancient Egypt dates to approximately 4000 BC. Historically, Unani traditional medicine was introduced in India by the Arabs and is also practiced in many other countries in South Asia today... The unani system originated from Greece and the system was laid by Hippocrates.

A huge part of Unani medicine is dedicated to cosmeceutical formulations which treat cosmetic disorders and care for appearance. Unani medical scholars have explored the evolution of cosmetics in Unani medicine. 

It is a system of evidence-based medicine enriched with several single drugs and compound cosmetic formulations used for centuries to improve the skin, eyes, hair, and nails. These cosmeceutical were meant for complete beautification.

How exactly Unani system works?

 The Unani works on four humours i.e. blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. If these humours are in perfect harmony, a person radiates with glowing beauty. But presence of toxic materials inside our body gives skin issues and other problems.

Natural ingredients found in Unani skin products make them safer, healthier and better for the environment and our bodies. These compounds can act as antioxidants and can even have moisturizing effects.

Where can one find products using Unani system?

Since Unani medicine is natural and safe, it would be great to add it to our skincare regime. In terms of product purity, it is rare to find such pure products that follow Unani's system.

Here's the end of your search with Deep Roots Natural.

Deep Roots Natural uses unani system in their products to ensure that they are safe, vegan and natural. Natural skincare products from Deep Roots are designed with natural ingredients that will certainly suit your skin type and leave it looking healthy and radiant.

Deep Roots offers a variety of unani skin care products. No matter what you choose, every product has the goodness of nature that will help not only heal your skin of all its ailments but also keep you away from all the chemical-filled cosmetics.

Deep Roots Natural products are made from exotic natural ingredients but our range of products is affordable for everyone who is looking for natural alternatives. Here are a few of our best-selling items.


You can find everything from aloe vera gel to face masks for different skin types to acne and acne marks products.

Did you know?

The famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra who was admired for her beauty used Rose water mist on her face which she believed was a way to keep blemishes and spots away.

Just like Queen Cleopatra Deep Roots Natural not only have rose water mist but other variety of mist to suit your skin type and condition.

Among Deep Roots' range of facial mists include  rose water mist and green tea facial mist,  Orange peel, Aloe Vera and Cucumber, Strawberry which are for days when your skin is dehydrated.

They calm your senses and skin and give radiant and hydrating look.

Face Mask

We all need that face mask which has natural ingredients to give our skin that natural glow we all strive for.

Deep Roots Natural has exclusive natural and vegan face mask that will help your skin soothe and heal ending up giving you that glow you desire.

There are various face masks, including those with coffee beans and sugar, strawberries with chia seeds, pounded rice with rose extract, turmeric with orange, and green tea with mint.

Imagine these exotic nature loves on your skin giving you that calming and radiant effect.

Apart from these we have scrubs that will help you get away from dead skin cells, we have gels among which the most desired one is the Aloe Vera gel which is like the one stop solution to all our skin problems.

We have a wide variety of Deep Roots skincare unani products so you can shop according to your skin type and your skin problems.

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