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What is Unani?

Unani is a natural healing process based on principles of harmony and balance, uniting the physical, mental, and spiritual realms.

The health of the human body is maintained by the harmonious arrangement of al-umoor al-tabiyah, the seven basic physiological principles of the Unani doctrine. These principles include

(1) arkan, the elements,

(2) mizaj, or temperament,

(3) akhlat, or bodily humours,

(4) aaza, or organs and systems,

(5) arwah, or vital spirit,

(6) quwa, or powers, and

(7) afaal, or functions.


Each individual has a self-regulating power, called tabiyat to keep these elements in equilibrium.

When these humours are in perfect harmony, a person radiates with inner and outer beauty.